Rest, Rejuvenation and Romance:

Use Feng Shui in your bedroom to attract a lover or strengthen your relationship

Are you looking to attract a lover?

Perhaps you would like to strengthen your romantic relationship with your partner. In Feng Shui, the bedroom (along with the kitchen and entrance) is one of the three most important areas of a home.  If you are struggling to find the love of your life, constantly fighting with your partner, or simply waking up exhausted every morning, the layout and colors of your bedroom may be contributing to these circumstances.

Create a Peaceful Sanctuary for Rest and Romance

Whether you are single and seeking romance or already in a relationship, the first step is creating a room that is ripe for both romance and a good night’s sleep. Minimize books, electronics (including a television set), exercise equipment or anything that reminds you of work in your bedroom. If you live in a small space and must place your desk or exercise equipment in your bedroom, place a screen to divide the room, so you won’t see these things when you sleep. These items can add to your stress at night and also raise the chi of the room to high levels, causing restlessness.

You can add romantic ambiance to a room with dim lighting, scents such as lavender, licorice and roses, and awaken a bedroom with living chi in the form of fresh cut flower. As you decorate the room, enter the space and think: Does this room make me feel relaxed, welcome and romantic? Is the chi restful? Do I feel at peace? Don’t neglect the roles that intuition and intention play in Feng Shui, and use these aspects to turn your master bedroom into a personal sanctuary for you and your lover.

On the practical side, the layout of your bedroom, the placement and size of the bed, and the colors in the room can all affect your love life and relationship, as well as your health. First, let’s consider the most important object in the room, the bed.

Placing the Bed in the Command Position

To insure a restful night’s sleep and satisfying love life, set your bed in the command position of your bedroom.

The proper command position puts the bed on one of the opposite walls of the door, but not directly in line with the door. Your sleep may suffer if your bed is on the same wall as the door, and you may have health issues if your bed is in line with the door. You can see examples of three command positions here.

A bed’s headboard should be solid, firmly affixed to the bed frame, and made of one piece of wood or fabric. A headboard represents stability in an existing relationship as well as the promise of future romance.

Many people – especially men and tall people – don’t like foot boards. Some say it makes the bed feel like a coffin. You don’t need one, but if you have one it should be no higher than the mattress.

The size of the bed also matters. A twin bed is too small for two and, even if you live alone, you should create space in your bed for your future lover. A full-size bed is better, but still may not provide enough room for two adults. Whether you have already found the love of your life or want to attract a lover, a queen size bed is the optimal size. A king-size bed, on the other hand leaves no room for advancement; your next step might be back down to a twin.

You don’t have to pay a lot to get a top-quality mattress, but your mattress should be in good condition for a better night’s sleep. No one wants to sleep on a torn or stained mattress, and squeaky springs can definitely put a damper on your love life.

Finally, don’t store objects — especially metal objects or letters from former lovers — under the bed. If you are tight on space, it’s acceptable to store sheets and other linens in a drawer under the bed.

Other Furniture and Decor in the Bedroom

When it comes to the layout of the other furniture, arrange it to encourage the flow of chi through the room. You don’t want to bump your leg on the dresser every time you get into bed, for instance. Create clear pathways to walk to the closet, bed and dresser. Your bedroom door should be able to open a full 90 degrees, with nothing blocking the way behind it.

In order to encourage a strong romantic relationship between equals, decorate with pairs of objects. For instance, your bed should have matching nightstands on each side of the bed with matching lamps on the nightstands.

You should not include photos of other people in your bedroom, but you can use happy photos of you and your lover to activate the marriage section of the bagua, which is the right rear corner of the room if you are standing at the door and looking in.

You can also use red or pink objects — ideally, in pairs — in that corner to attract a partner or strengthen your relationship.

Color in the Bedroom

Here are some colors, depending on your personal tastes and relationship goals, which may work well in a bedroom.

Greens – Green is a color of nature and rejuvenation, making it perfect for a restful night’s sleep. It also represents hope and newness – good for attracting a new love. If your intention is romance, however, incorporate deeper accent colors of maroon or red.

Blue – Like green, blue is a tranquil color, making it good for sleep and relaxation.

Peach – If you are seeking love, peach is a good color for the bedroom, as it attracts social opportunities.

Pink – Pink is considered one of the best Feng Shui colors for a bedroom. It combines the fiery romance of the color red, with the metal element in the color white. Pink is the color of true love and lasting romance, and is often recommended for newlyweds.

Red – While painting bedroom walls red will activate too much chi and add too much fire element to the space, red accents can increase passion. Red sheets or blankets are recommended to spice up a love life.

Whatever colors you select, if you want to attract a partner or make sure your partner is comfortable in the bedroom; don’t create a bedroom that is too masculine or too feminine. Even a pink bedroom can look classy and gender-neutral without a lot of frills and lace. You can accent with deep greens, red or maroon to add visual excitement and keep the room from looking too “girlish.”

Peace and Romance

When you decorate your bedroom using Feng Shui principles, remember that your goal is to create a place for rest, rejuvenation and romance. With these elements in place, you’ll be poised to visualize your ideal relationship.
Be ready to welcome romance into your life, using your intentions to create exactly what you desire.

I’ve worked with numerous clients who have found romance — and gotten married — shortly after using Feng Shui in their master bedroom and around their home to remove blocks that were keeping them from the relationship they wanted.

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