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Gifts from the Heart for Your Vegan Lover

by Ali Parsons

With the steady rise of green and sustainable living becoming a normal part of life, diets (and lifestyles) like veganism and vegetarianism have taken a solid foothold. With at least 6% of Americans reportedly self-identifying as vegans, the vegan lifestyle has begun to affect all parts of society. Along with it comes the growth of like-minded support forums, groups, and dating sitescompletely changing how we interact. With this change in interactions comes new ways to win the heart and love of a companion. When romance is budding (and/or Valentine's Day is nearing) with your new vegan lover, consider these gift giving tips.

Make Sure It’s Vegan!

Veganism isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. That means that it’s just as frowned on to give a fur coat as it is to “treat” them to a steak dinner. There’s a good chance you’re familiar enough with the lifestyle to know what to avoid, but in case you or your lover are new to the lifestyle, make sure you read up on acceptable gift ideas. Consider alternatives for non-vegan ingredients to ensure there’s no moral mix-up in your gift.

Make it Yourself

A heartfelt gift is always best, and there’s few ways to accomplish that better than making it yourself. Consider crafting a vegan recipe jar, with popular options often being the dry ingredients for vegan cookies and brownies. These make cooking a breeze while also being a kind and heartfelt gift from you. The added bonus is that the gift can turn into a cooking date, as well as it staying low-cost to craft the recipe.

Another great make-at-home gift is a handmade candle. A candle made entirely of natural ingredients is a low-cost and incredibly easy to make gift. Just as with the recipe jars, a romantic date of creating the candles together doubles as a gift and quality time spent together.

Tailor to Them

As with any gift, don’t buy them a gift based solely on it being vegan. That’s a fast way for them to end up with an underwhelming gift based off of only one facet of their personality. A pair of vegan synthetic paint brushes for someone with no interest in painting is a powerfully bad gift. As you spend time with your new companion, look and listen closely so that you can ensure your gift pulls on the right heart strings.

Ultimately, the best gifts always come from the heart. Veganism is a strong and transformative lifestyle that opens countless doors to amazing gift and date ideas for the attentive companion. Keep these tips in mind as your relationship blossoms to ensure that your reputation as a thoughtful gift giver stays steady.

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Ali Parsons is a freelance writer with a background in environmental research.