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Where to Meet Single Vegans

by Jill Crosby

If you’ve tried some dating apps or sites and still haven’t met your special, vegan partner, maybe it’s time to try something different! As a vegan, it’s definitely easier to date another vegan, or at least someone who eats a plant-based diet.

The best place to meet other vegans is a niche online dating site or app that markets to vegans, like, which has in-depth, detailed profiles and no superficial swiping. Once you join for free, then you’ll want to complete your profile so other members can learn about you. Think of your profile as a screening mechanism which will screen others in or out!

When creating your profile, make sure to answer the questions honestly, as when it goes well, you will be meeting in person and they will be getting to know the real you! Your headshot should be current, high resolution, smiling and well lit. For your additional photos, make sure to include at least one full-length shot and avoid pics with other people in them. The essay questions can help you get clear on what’s important to you, while expressing your likes and desires in your own words. Don’t write a novel, just a short paragraph or two for each answer, as most people have shorter attention spans these days.

The Match Questions are a wonderful way to let others know more details about you (and for you to learn about them). Once you’ve answered at least 20 Match Questions (they are multiple-choice), you will see your Match Percentage when viewing someone’s profile. This is a great indicator of compatibility! Ideally you answer more than 20 Match Questions, as the more you answer, the more accurate your Match Percentage with others will be. The cherry on the top of your profile, is a short video of you saying hi which gives others a sense of potential chemistry. This is optional, but highly recommended. Make is short and sweet and simply introduce yourself!

Once you have created your profile, start searching for people with whom you feel a connection. Make sure to read their profiles, especially their essay answers and Match Question answers (you’ll see a compatibly percentage based on the Match Question answers). There is so much depth on a Green Singles’ profile, that you will be able to get a clear idea of beliefs, values, priorities, lifestyle and even morals. Use their answers to help screen potentials, don’t just go by looks. Compatibility is much more important than looks alone, and chemistry can come in all shapes, sizes and colors! Soften your focus on the looks, and use your inner guidance as to whom you contact. When you feel that “nudge” go for it!

Making contact is a must. Sending a personally written message works wonders, and a helpful acronym to give you some guidance is “RCA”.

R: Respond to something they have written in their profile that you can relate to or that you find interesting. Example, “I love that you listen to conscious reggae, me too!”
C: Compliment them based on something they have shared in their profile. Example: “Wow, I’m impressed that you are planting so many trees, veggies and medicinal plants. If everyone did that, we would be so much better off!”

A: Ask a question (or two) to get the conversation going (usually about one of the above things you have responded to or complimented them about). Example: “Do you practice permaculture? What kind of medicinal plants are you growing?”

Keep your opening message short and sweet, and very much about what they have written on their profile and how you can relate. The idea is to start a conversation based on mutual interests or beliefs. Focus on common ground. Don’t get caught up with trying to sell yourself or impress them. Keep it about them and stay humble and real.

One of the most important parts of the process is to have fun and not take it too seriously. If you get rejected, know that it happens to everyone, keep it in perspective, learn and grow from each experience, and say “NEXT!”. Give each person a chance, and the benefit of the doubt. Trust and know that there is someone out there for you, and in-JOY the adventure of meeting and getting to know them. Your soul mate awaits! Have fun!

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Jill Crosby is the owner/founder of the Conscious Dating Network, the largest network of exclusively conscious/spiritual/green dating sites on the Internet, featuring her flagship site, launched in 2000 and inherited in 2014. There are several dating sites that all share the same, large database of members in the spiritual/green niche. All members automatically have access to all members from all sites, by joining one site.

During the first 9-years of growing her online dating site business, Jill worked a “day job” as Director and Sales Trainer for the original photo/video bricks and mortar dating company in the US. During that time she interviewed over 6000 singles in 7 different states.

Jill is an inspirational public speaker and is known for her candor, vulnerability, down to earth honesty and humor as she helps singles thrive in the world of online dating and ultimately meet their life partners. She is also a hypnotherapist, metaphysician and facilitator of Wild Dolphin and Whale Swim Retreats and SCUBA Trips for Singles. Her events site, promotes conscious/spiritual events worldwide.

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