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Love at First Email

From Anyaa: 

Two years after a spiritual teacher predicted I would meet my Sacred Union partner, he finally showed up on my view page on Spiritual Singles (he was on Green Singles). I guess neither of us were ready until now!  Joe and I recognized each other immediately as past beloveds in some other time and place, and have not missed a day of contact in 3 months. Our first date was 12 days long!
He is moving to where I live in the Spring. We are very happy together and as later in life partners, we just have a feeling this is it for us….we won’t be needing your website. Thank you so much for being a portal for intelligent, conscious, and creative human beings so that we can find each other!
From Joe:

After surveying the gamut of dating sites out there, I was blessed to find Green Singles, where the quality of participants seemed to take a quantum leap.  Within a very short time of putting up my profile, I met Anyaa.  In a delirious mood, I sent her a silly email, and lo and behold, she responded.  Soon we were emailing daily, talking on the phone a couple hours each night, and planning our first "date," which turned out to the most intense and delightful 12 days I have ever spent.  
From the beginning, we had a shared sense of familiarity, co-creative destiny, and deep desire for sacred union, coupled with a rare (in my experience) equal willingness to meet in the middle, without resistance.  Now we are planning the rest of our lives together, fully intending to go the distance. 
Thanks for your wonderful site and the service you provide.  I recommend you to anyone I encounter in search of true love.
All the best, Joe
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