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Dating A Fellow Dog Lover

by Ali Parsons

If you’ve finally found your conscious match and see that they are just as much of an animal lover as you are, you might be thinking about how to impress them and their dog on the first date. In fact, one survey found that more than 80% of dog owners said that their dog’s reaction to a new love interest would affect their feelings toward that person. However, don’t let that scare you away from planning and following through with a stellar first date. After all, if they’re really your soulmate, their dog will love you just as much as they will.

Plan a Cute Double Date

If you love your dog, chances are that you’ll want to ensure your partner does too. What better way to break the ice and get to know each other than to have a double date with you and your dogs? Not only does this make the first date a little more relaxing and stress-free, but it’s also a really great way to allow your dog to participate in the fun and get to meet a potential playmate as well. To ensure it all goes smoothly, why not plan on exchanging gifts for everybody. Instead of buying flowers, however, make sure it’s a gift both your date and their pup can enjoy, like a bark box full of surprises. As a dog lover, you’ll know that if you can make someone’s dog happy then you’ve likely already found a way to their heart.

Engage in Outdoor Activities

One of the perks of being a dog owner is that you always have a buddy to explore nature with. Heading outdoors is not only great for your mind, body and soul, but it’s a great way to forge connections with other people. If you’re dating a dog lover or have a dog yourself, suggest outdoor activities with your new match. In fact, these types of outdoor activities have been shown to increase attraction. Scientists have released compounding research surrounding the idea that the physiological arousal that occurs when you exercise with a partner can increase romantic attraction. Add in the opportunity to engage in a little playful competition and the chance for your dogs to roam free and play together and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a fantastic love connection.

Let it Happen Naturally

Whether your conscious match is a dog lover, dog owner or simply an avid supporter of animal rights, it’s important to let the situation happen naturally while still engaging in activities that you are both passionate about. Whether you’re going on double dates with your doggies or simply volunteering together at your local animal shelter, engaging in a shared hobby or passionate activity together will allow you both to learn more about each other in a positive, healthy environment.

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Ali Parsons is a freelance writer with a background in environmental research.